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(YES!!! We are absolutely Christians!!!!!!)

Perhaps no other religion has received more negative and in-accurate information directed it's way, than has the Church to which I belong. We have been accused of worshipping Joseph Smith, of not believing the Bible, and of simply not being Christians. May I boldly say that the above accusations, and many others which have been cast at my Church, and it's dedicated members, are absolutely false. We are not a Cult as some would have you believe, but a growing, vibrant Church who's total focus is to have it's members worship God the Eternal Father, and His son, Jesus Christ. I do believe the Bible to be Holy Scripture, but believe as well that the Savior appeared to those people on this continent after His resurrection, having previously referred to them as "other sheep not of this fold". I urge you to prayerfully read the account of this visit in the Book of Mormon!!

I believe that there is no doctrine in all of Christendom which is so beautiful or as consistent with the Love that God has for his Children than that Doctrine of ETERNAL FAMILIES. Through sacred Temple covenants, and by living righteous lives, the children of our Heavenly Father are given the opportunity to carry loving family ties into the Eternities..


I'm a member of the Taylor First Ward.

A little page I put together to share my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why don't you check out what I call my.....

Before the reader closes this page, or attempts to take it lightly, may I simply testify that your Eternal salvation may well be determined by a serious contemplation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He who's Church this is!!

Inside the walls of Holy Temples ordinances are performed and covenants are made which if honored by those individuals involved will seal upon them glory and Eternal Life. Families are bound together for time and all eternity. The Temples are not houses of worship in the sense that regular meetings and classes are held therein, but are rather places where one may escape the entanglements of the world and involve herself or himself in selfless and sacred experiences. We are so happy to have a Temple of the Lord being built just 30 miles from my house. The Snowflake Arizona Temple is now completeded and dedicated. I anticipate many glorious visits to "MY TEMPLE" as we Latter Day Saints refer to that Temple which is in our area.

You can get more information by visiting the website dedicated to the Snowflake Arizona Temple..
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