I'm guessing that like most menfolk, I waste a bunch of time on pursuits that are less than productive. I'm gonna tell you about a couple of my "timewasters".

Since I was a small boy, one of my loves was guns and hunting. As I grew older, I have completely lost the urge to kill animals for sport, but still retain my love of firearms. I suppose then, that it was natural that I take up target shooting. In the past I was very involved in Trap Shooting, and even won the Arizona State Singles Title at one shoot. Like most sports, however that one is Sunday oriented, and I gave it up to try to preserve the correctness of the Sabbath. I now enjoy benchrest shooting, and have several nice guns, including a 6ppc, and a great .308, both of which will shoot teeny groups. I believe, adamantly, that the right to own guns is as crucial to the continuation of our Nation as are the other freedoms addressed by the Constitution. I understand the clamor by some well meaning types to remove guns, as if somehow, that will cure the evils of our society. They suppose that removing guns from evil persons will somehow make them less evil. The old saying is absolutely true, " when guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns". Never made much sense to me to infer that someone intending to shoot another person would be bothered by a law making guns illegal.

Confessions, reflections, suggestions, and Expressions.....

About 20 years ago, I discovered Computers, (talk about a time waster!!). I have greatly enjoyed learning about systems, programs, and general computer knowledge. I am still a novice, but feel quite comfortable now, and spend absolutely too much time on the PC. One of my Kinfolk, one Dale Watkins who has since passed away, has walked me through more computer hazes than I care to remember, and I must express gratitude to him!! He may start a small computer business in the near future, and if so, I'll pass that on to you all, he'd do you right.. Then there's a local friend, who just happens to be a Microsoft Certified Technician, (thanks Scott), who has walked me through a few struggles. Seems with all of this help, I'd be a lot smarter, but then you know what they say about teaching an "old dog" some "new tricks"......

For a number of years now, I've spent many hours writing "Cowboy Poetry". This is a hobby which gives me much enjoyment and relaxation. Although I write what some would class as "Junk" poetry, (in fact that's how I class it!), it has given a little pleasure to others when I've had the opportunity to perform at gatherings as well as political and church programs. Writing can be a gratifying process, and it's exciting to realize that perhaps you have created something totally unique in all the world.

When it comes right down to it, I suppose there isn't much I enjoy more than trading. I have spent a great amount of time becoming familiar with firearms, and have, over the years bought, sold, and traded many nice guns. My love of trading, however, does not stop with guns, but I enjoy dealing in most anything that is legal and worthwhile. It is a joy to me to be involved in a bit of "barter". My father, who was a cattle trader of some reputation most of his life, instilled the love of a good trade in all of his sons, and while we never achieved his level of competence in the art, we all enjoy the pursuit.

About 25 years back I took an interest in Navajo Indian Jewelry---not the buying and selling of it, but rather the art of designing and building of it. I slowly accumulated some good tools of the trade, read a bit on the necessary skills involved, and began to make Silver and Turquoise jewelry. For a number of years I made and sold a goodly amount of it, and acquired at least a fair ability in it's manufacture. I am not in the league of the real artisans, but have made a few pieces which I take a deal of pride in. As noted above, I could always be talked out of any of my creations for the right amount of dollars, but do still have a few nice pieces to prove to the grand kids when I'm gone that their grandpa did have a small amount of talent. I also did a number of pieces in 14K gold and turquoise. Thought I'd put up a few pictures of stuff I've made and sold in last couple years... wish I would have kept some of the things I made 20 years ago as I had a bit more skill back then,,,,


My latest hobby has it's genesis in a 19 year old boy in the year of our Lord 1960. This young man always admired the Hot Rods of the era and would have had one if it had not been for the more important things such as provideing for his newly formed family. There just wasn't enough bucks to justify this lad getting a Hot Rod so that little desire/dream was put on a back burner. WELL,, fast forward to 2015 and this young lad is a fat, slightly disorented, gray haired old poop who finally put together enough bucks to get a street rod. It ain't like the fancy ones that the big boys have but it is what I refer to as a "starter car" and hopeful that it will satisfy the half century old dream. It would be hard to tell if this feller is more danger to the driving public now or then, but be warned, I'll be on the streets and backroads of a town near you in the near future!!! I bought this old classic from a guy in Massachusetts and had it shipped here. It is a 1936 Chevrolet two door sedan with pretty basic stuff. Has a 350 chevvy engine and transmission, It has disc front brakes and a mustang II suspension. Fairly decent interior and after I have AC installed and power steering I hope to put some miles on it just cruisin'----(I guess that's still what they call it now?)
NOTE: In 1959 I owned a brand new Chevrolet Impala with all the racing bells and whistles and on the rear fender I had the official name of my car, "Halffast", and this 1936 will carry the same name.

If I've used your web recourses without the proper permission, I humbly apologize, and a simple e-mail will make them disappear..