I suppose that we can expect very little from an electorate who, more often than not, are not able to name their own Senators or Representatives. The first thing I would urge the reader is to get acquainted with the positions and voting record of their Congressional Delegation.

I suppose that before I proceed, it would be appropriate as an Western State Conservative, to apologize to you good Americans out there for a character we've burdened America with--
I apologize for a minute little empty suit who masquerades as a Unites States Senator, no less than HARRY REID!! This small sham of a politician hails from the adjoining state of Nevada, and is an embarassment to everyone who loves America and who cherishes her founding principles. His relentless attacks on the Constitution has been breathtaking and his zeal is as one posessed. (Which I suggest he may well be!!)
It will be a great day in America when this Senator is removed from office which will be no small task. Like so many of his stripe he has bought and paid for a constituency with taxpayer dollars and they vote for whoever fills their trough.