HOWDY!!  WELCOME to my Cowboy Poetry, Pawn, Politics and Church pages. By way of introduction, my name is Paul Hatch, and together with my wife Sharlene live in Taylor, Arizona.. Welcome to my homepage. I hope you enjoy your stay here!! These pages won't impress you with their fancy html or even perhaps with the spelling, but hope you do enjoy something here and that you'll sign my guestbook and/or drop me a note. As a note, the little dog running around above is in memory of the dogs in my life who have brought be lots of joy.

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Glad you stopped by my site for a visit. You'll find here a real mixture of thoughts, opinions, and facts which seem to bind themselves to no particular common ground. Well, there is a common ground, ME!! While I ain't too complex a feller, I do have, like yourself I'm sure, a variety of interests and concerns. I don't expect any of you to investigate all my links, but if something looks interesting, take a look and let me know you was here. Hope the Lord is blessing your lives and that He will continue to do so.
I'm especially hoping that you will visit my church page and my politics page, as these are two things I take very seriously. It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that unless we find ourselves immersed in our Church and our faith and act on them that the matters of politics will be dictated by the adversary. Nothing, however is more tender to me than are those individuals who together comprise my family.
Perhaps if you're completely bored, you would like to stop by my poetry page. It's the kind of poetry that requires no particular education to understand. In fact, education may preclude the reader from really enjoying them to their fullest. I always say that the real poets write poetry, I just try to make words rhyme. Anyway, enjoy and come back as I'm always adding something else when the mood hits.

Thought I'd put a link here to let you take a look at some of my Neice's art work. Her name is Traci Hatch and she is the youngest daughter of my brother Doyle. Traci lives in Texas, where she paints and raises and works some of the finest cutting horses in the world. She is a great talent and limited edition lithographs are available of her paintings. Take a look and then come back and finish your browsing. I put five of her paintings on my site and a link to the gallery which features her work.

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