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My philosophy on politics was founded in the nurturing of a Father who, though not necessarily active in politics, had a clear and honest view of things political. More than once I have heard him say, "Son, it's okay if those politicians ain't doing anything, at least they're not messing anything up". At the time, I had thought he was simply jesting, but have come to realize that that statement is absolutely to the point. I have seen, in my lifetime, very little action by bodies of government which have not impact negatively on the decent, hard working citizens of this Nation. Most often, those laws passed by Congress, especially on a National level, while at times correcting a particular problem, create two or more problems worse than the one addressed. I, like my Father before me, am fiercely independent, and want no help from the government, nor do I want them meddling into my life. I think that inherit in the Founding Fathers philosophy was that governments would not infringe upon one's abilities to be successful, nor would that same government insert itself into the lives of it's citizens to prevent failure!!

It has been especially distressing to those of us who love our Country to see the apathy and greed exhibited by a vast number of her citizens. We are quick to excuse any action by government officials as long as he or she will preserve our "Pet Program". Not many years ago, this was true of but a small minority of Americans, but has proliferated to vast numbers. It is especially distressing to see those traits in some who vocally profess to be "Conservatives".

Adding this postscript on April 2015...
~~URGENT 2015~~
We are in danger of losing our Republic, and the world is in danger of a terrible conflict due to the continued actions of the dictator in the white house. Barrack Hussien Obama is without a doubt the thing most feared by our founders, a man without scruples and with total disregard for the Constitution for which they bled and died. Because of the blind and cowardly loyalty of millions of his minions who would support him in any debauchery he might engage in he has been able to completely ignore the rule of law and pursue policies which fly in the face of freedom. Unless those sycophants who fawn over this monarch wake up and join in the fight for restoration of America they will find themselves without their freebies and without their freedom. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

I stand by my oft repeated statement, "America has become a very selfish and self centered nation." I only hope when it all comes unraveled there will still be sufficient moral fiber in enough of her citizens to put together the pieces. Immorality and dishonesty in our Leader will most surely corrupt this nation, and will untimately destroy it if left unchecked.

The true concept of Constitutional Government has been so adulterated, that even many who profess to be traditionalists, find themselves agreeing with laws and programs simply on the basis that they were okayed by a majority of the citizens, or because polling has shown that to be the case. One of the finest statements I ever heard on this matter was by Dan Smoot, who said,--"Would the shackles of slavery rest more lightly on your shoulders simply because it was placed there by a well intentioned majority than by a dictatorial minority"? It seems we have forgotten that the basis of our REPUBLIC is that the will of the majority will not infringe upon the God Given liberties of the individual!!

There have been those who have mis-used this concept to support such vile things as the right of free abortions. After all, they say, "a woman should have the right to do with her body as she pleases". Which statement is absolutely true if the rights of none other are infringed. We have conviently forgotten that inside the woman is another "individual". Not a fetus, not a "product of conception", but a child, a citizen, an individual who needs the protection of her or his government and has been forgotten. There is nothing more filthy nor degrading to an individual or a nation than the support for and apathy to this heinous practice which has become a standard in America. When the Bill Clintons of this world piously close their speeches with the statement, "God Bless America", they should understand that God is unable to extend those blessings in profusion to a Nation which supports the destruction of his children!!!!!!!!!

Then there is the matter of the Government meddling in the Free Markets of the country. With the burdensome taxation, now exceeding 50% of our income, the Feds have been successful in destroying incentive and entrapanuership in many of our fellow citizens. Free enterprise should be just that...FREE.. Government should involve itself only in preventing strangling monopolies, and in regulating imports and exports. The Federal government should have absolutely no control over legitimate private business, and taxation on those businesses should be confined to equal and commensurate amounts as compared with citizens employed by those businesses.

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