I suppose that in the vernacular of the day, I'd be considered an "Ultra Right Wing Conservative". As I believe that is exactly the title which was applied to the Founding Fathers, I plead Guilty!! My basic belief as to the role of the Federal Government is what is spelled out in the Constitution. The government should insure freedom of commerce, protect our shores against foreign enemies, regulate imports and exports, and very little else. The Federal government has become, in recent years, the single largest enemy to capitalism and free enterprise. Over regulation, bureaucratic meddling, and inept and dis-honest administration is now the norm in America. We spend an inordinate amount of our time and resources in promoting agendas which are anti-family, and anti-free enterprise.
It is my contention that in the entire history of this nation, including Richard Nixon, Lindon B. Johnson, and even the infamous "Bubba", there has never been a leader in the white house who is as much an enemy of America and her real values as Barrack Hussien Obama. This is a man who despises the true capitalistic system and who seeks to destroy America as the land established by her founders. No foriegn leader in my lifetime has posed as great a threat to the future of my children and grandchildren as this socialist king. He has with great forethought placed burdens on America from which she may not recover. He has sought to pervert the Constitution almost daily with executive orders which are in total opposition to the principles of free people. His greatest "achievement" has been to place vastly more people on government assistance, thereby buying their allegiance and their vote. It was once noted that this Nation would only survive and maintain it's greatness until the people found that they could vote themselves benefits from the Public Treasury-----

We're there friends!!!!!

Have you noticed that people whom you had respected and whom you had thought to be strong supporters of Constitutional government, suddenly find excuses for their support of a certain candidate, or program, when there are benefits which will accrue to themselves from that support? It has become so pervasive in the political arena that it not only impacts on our National government, but indeed on state and local government as well.
There are many, as well who would have you believe that simply because a politician, at any level receives a majority of the votes that you should therefore support them in all of their actions while in that office..
I believe this to be the most destructive behaviour possible as pertaining to Constitutional government!! To suppose that we should support persons elected to any office, and work with them toward goals with which we totally disagree is both ignorant and immoral !!
Perhaps it would be well for them and each of us to re-learn the great principles of a Republican form of government which our forefathers fought so valiantly for!!! Allow me to share my thoughts on the subject of our Republic!!

I tell you of this to urge you to become involved in your local politics. Don't allow those who receive benefits from the government to be the only ones who have a say in it!!

Just in case you don't know how to "Get involved".

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