This page is devoted to the things that I enjoy, after all, it is MY page.. I do hope that some of my interests will be yours as well!!

My love of my country and my dismay at the direction it seems to be drifting, cause me to be quite outspoken on the subject of Politics.

My sincere opinion is that the liberal swing in the recent decades has done more to bring dis-honor on our Nation than have all of the wars and scandals of it's history.

In my first attempt at the HTML thingy, I have tried to put in a taste of the things that are important to me. As I proceed in the endeavour, I hope to expand on these areas, and even look to new horizons. I do enjoy a variety of pursuits, but none seem to hold my interest for long except those of lasting importance!!

However, above all else, there is my Faith in the Savior Jesus Christ, and in the reality of his Restored Gospel!!! My feelings for the Gospel are at the very center of my life, and the lives of myself and of my family revolve around the Church of Jesus Christ..

I would suggest that the vision for the family, and the programs and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints hold the absolute cure for the ills of a sick world. No other Church, it seems to me, stresses more strongly the noble nature of the Family than does the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.. In a recent statement,
THE FAMILY, A Proclamation to the World!, the leaders of the Church stated in most plain and emphatic terms the position of the Church on this crucial matter.

You might wonder how this page fits into the scheme of my webpages??? Well, this was my original homepage until I went to the frames at the beginning of my site, but the labor of love in this page was too much to destroy, so it's here as a reminder of my first effort.. So, there's the story, wasn't very interesting huh?????